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Our three days TEFL-LM TRAINING will be held by our trainees and will give you the knowledge you need to be a successful tutor.


  • Theoretical insights about Ludic Methoodology - You will learn why the ludic approach is fundamental for solid, long lasting language acquisition

  • Methodological tools, new teaching techniques, class management

  • Practical activities to experiment yourself the method - Circle time activities, movement games and crafts, songs and dances


The training will be held on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays before the starting date of the camps.

You will have the opportunity to meet the other tutors and your camp leaders for the summer camp!

The training is going to be held at La Ripa Boutique Hostel

TEFL - Ludic Methodology Training

On Sunday you will be welcomed by your hosting family, where you’ll receive full board and a single room.
Staying with the family is an amazing opportunity for you to get to know our culture better and taste amazing homemade Italian food, just like our Nonnas do! Bond with the family and their kids. We ask the family to include the tutors in family activities, including weekend trips, etc. (if these ends are not met, please do not hesitate to inform us). In exchange, you are expected to spend some time with the kids and the family.
The following Monday, your Tutoring Activity will start at the camp which will be held in the same village your Hosting Family lives.

Home Stay at your  Italian Hosting Family

Study Grant

All best experiences in life are for free, except for our Camps! You will receive 240 Euros a week, lodging and full board at your Hosting Family.


Didakè is going to take care of insurance against any accident.

Not included

You will be responsible for:

  • Flight costs to and from Italy

  • Transportation from your camp to departure airport

  • Health insurance (in case of emergency, remember that our NHS is free of charge and efficient, anyway).

Remember, should you have any questions about food, lodging, transportation or teaching material, please get in touch at or call your handler.

Welcome to your summer of fun!