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Teach English as a Foreign Language at local schools during the academic year (October-May).

We have different Teaching Projects going on from 5 weeks to 8 months, according to your availability.

Don’t worry, you are NOT going to plan anything but your transfer to and from Bergamo and, most importantly, you won’t have to manage the kids on your own as the English teacher of the local school is going to stay in the class with you.

ESL teachers  are going to be asked to conduct activities to improve the fluency of Italian kids with speaking games and other pleasant activities , following a detailed daily plan that we will provide you and under the supervision of our resident Teachers that will be mentoring you.

Our Teaching Projects

Let’s get Practical!

Let’s start with the easiest task, speaking English: we do our best to plan the activities to carry the experience fully monolingual and fun at the same time.

The age groups we mainly deal with are primary and secondary school kids, so the key is to make learning appealing by keeping extremely simple and playful.

Please do mind that the projects are planned during the academic year so you will teach to classes of around 20 pupils, with the co-presence of the resident English Teacher.

The projects usually entail 3\4 hours a day and you will teach one hour in every class. This means  that you will move to one class to another during your teaching mornings.

During your teaching hours you will propose  ESL activities following a detailed lesson plan we  will provided  you with.

Schools in Italy start at 8,30 and there is a recess at 10 and lunch time at 12,30.  Should your teaching hours stretch over the afternoon the school will offer you a lunch at the school canteen.

Projects could focus on Storytelling and Drama, or themed lessons that are meant to reinforce the Public school program.
The methodology is based on use of songs, games, flashcards and anything that can invite the children to speak in a relaxed  and pleasant atmosphere.

Lessons last 1h and you are going to have a lesson plan with structured activities and games. A lesson includes different moments:


Greetings Time

theme of the lesson

You are going to introduce the theme of the lesson, the vocabulary and structures using flashcards, realia, books, videos and songs stimulating listening comprehension

Games and activities
Work on the theme through vocabulary and action games, sequencing activities to do in teams of individually focusing on the speaking and productive skills


Goodbye greetings

What are our Projects about?