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Our summer camps stretch over five days a week, Monday to Friday, and the daily schedule is 9-17. Don’t worry, you are NOT going to plan anything but your transfer to and from Bergamo and, most importantly, you won’t have to manage the kids on your own.  Tutors are going to be asked to conduct group activities and mentor children through games, sports, songs, crafts and skits, following a detailed daily plan that we will provide you and under the supervision of resident Camp Leader who will always be there, coordinating the activities and mentoring you.

Weekly Plan

Let’s start with the easiest task, speaking English. This is a language school and we beg to differ from other summer camps. It’s not just a matter of student fees, we do our best to carry the experience fully monolingual and fun at the same time.

The age groups we mainly deal with are primary and secondary school kids, so the key is to make learning appealing by keeping it extremely simple and playful. Please do mind that school’s out for summer, and our camps are an incentive to take the learning of English in a chillier way.

Concerning the content of the activities, don’t worry: we will go through the program and activities during your TEFL-LM Training and your resident colleagues at Didakè have your back. We also provide a daily activity plan ready for you plus all the material you'll need. Of course you can use your own creativity, this is why you’re here!

Let’s get Practical!

9,00-9,30 Welcome

Greeting outdoor Circle Time with Welcome Songs 

Conversation&Speaking games in small groups

9,30-10,30  Indoor Activities

Leisure and craft activities

10,30- 10,50 Snack Time

10,50-12.30  Outdoor Games

Active outdoor games - English only!

12,30-13,30 Lunchtime

13,30-13,50 Relax and free play

13,50-14,40 Story Telling

Tutors in the spotlight, for stimulating listening comprehension

14,40-16,20 Outdoor&Water Games 

16,20-16,50: Snack Time

16,50-17,00 Goodbye

Final outdoor Circle Time with Goodbye songs

Daily Schedule